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What is the mission?

Help client realize the highest possible levels of wellness. Take note of the current symptomatology, but explores the client's past medical history and even the family medical history to uncover the underlying disease tendencies to help restore sick to health, to cure... 


Is Homeopathy safe ?


Homeopathic medicines are available over the counter. They are safe and non-addictive. Easy to administer, and it is Holistic & Natural! Can be used in conjunction with regular medicine.

How many sessions do I need?

We are all unique in who we are and how chronic our disease is. The length of the treatment is completely relevant to your needs. After administration of the correct remedy, your body determines the healing time. Follow-ups are absolutely necessary and the length of the treatment is completely individual.


Do you have to be a certain age to benefit?

People of all ages, from infants to elders, can be helped with Homeopathy because of its gentle and natural approach to healing.


Do I have to get off conventional drugs?

No, Homeopathic remedies do not interfere with conventional medications and in fact, they can be complementary and help facilitate healing in any condition.

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