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Gauravi is incredible. She did a great job with my first ever alopecia areata case. She explained everything to me in a very clear manner. She is detail oriented and methodical in her approach. She was also very friendly too. After weeks of pharm treatment I was concerned about the use of cortisone that had minimal results and further aggravated my alopecia case. That’s when I approached Gauravi. Not only has she taken great care of my health, but also she is easy to speak with at every appointment. It’s rare to find a doctor that combines such personal touch and care for a patient as a person with outstanding quality of medical care. I highly recommend becoming her client!

 Amol Birje


City, State: 30024

Gauravi has been a blessing in disguise. She has put me back on a mode of recovery when everything felt like there was no way out! Sometimes there is a simple issue that Allopathic medicine cannot zoom in or sometimes its a set of complex issues when Allopathic doctors send us to 10 different specialist and the best insurances feels it it was better not having it! During this time I approached Gauravi. Her remedy was like one umbrella for everything you could imagine was wrong with me. She explained everything in detail including lifestyle and behavioral changes. We do know it is a slow process but patience and dedication can heal many things with Homeopathy. I highly recommend Gauravi for the least and the worst issue you could have. *****Five stars!! Mr.Jeet City, State: 7023663669

I have been seeing  Gauravi for few months now. She has been very helpful and supportive in addressing my health issues. Her treatment has positive effect without any harsh side effects. She is very compassionate, patient and good listener. I really liked her  approach of addressing emotional and physical issues. She was very accommodative and reachable when I had concerns in the middle of the service. I really thank her for making me feel comfortable.


City, State: -

Gauravi has helped my daughter with a variety of things, but the main one being Alopecia Areata. I remember when I saw a big bald spot on my daughters head, and I didn’t know what it what. Once we saw the doctors, we were told to do steroid creams. However, with the research I did, I thought homeopathy would be the best option. I feel so lucky and blessed to have found Guaravi!! She assesses the patient as a whole and treats the root cause. My daughters Alopecia stopped expanding and the areas of hair loss all have regrowth. Guaravi is amazing at what she does. She has also helped with disgestive and mood issues. I’m so thankful I was referred to her!!

Ms.Uchita Shaha

Cumming, GA 30040

 I do not know where to start as I have so many great things about  Gauravi, really, for us she is an angel for our family. We are so lucky to have found her this year. We were going through a rough patch in the beginning of  2020 and got tired of going to hospitals for weeks after weeks, and that is where we found Dr. Gauravi. We contacted her on Sunday morning and were surprised to get a call back from her in 30 mins. She heard our story, and without hesitation gave us time to meet on same Sunday afternoon, and after that within span of 2-3 weeks helped us to control the situation. She did daily follow ups at least twice to ensure that we are doing okay and keeping a tab on dosage of the medicines. It was because of her help and support; we were able to finally settle down, thanks a lot!! Once things settled down with us, I talked to her about my classic migraine problem that I had for 30+ years. She told me let’s try out She started few months of course, changed the dosage few times till we found a right fit and I am pleased to let everyone know that I am finally migraine free and feeling so better for past few months. We are going to her for all our family needs now and she has become our PCP now. In fact, we have not visited our regular doctors from past few months and hopefully will not have to visit them ever. Garauvi helped us to get consulting and medicines during the covid lockdown period too and that is what is amazing about her, she is always there to serve her customers. We all wish her lot of success and good luck, and we are quite sure that she will help many more families in the future. THANKS A LOT!!!!!



 I was having some cholesterol and BP issues. I contacted Gauravi through a friend of mine and I was really surprised to see how much personal care and attention Gauravi gives to her clients. She gives enough time to listen to your concerns, checks and keeps an update every month on how you are doing after taking the meds, and even makes changes to it accordingly in the subsequent months. I took the treatment from Gauravi for a couple of months, and yes it helped me a lot on my concerns along with proper diet. Homeopathy is the best with no side effects and tries to eradicate the root cause of the issue, but it takes some time and patience to see the results. I would highly recommend Gauravi as she is the best and has got depth knowledge in her field.

Shital Bhagwat

Houston, TX

She is One of the best homeopath in Atlanta. A very good listener abt your health issues which heals yr pain without any medicine. And even her medicine works awesome🥰

Rozi Virani

Duluth Ga-30096

 We had tried many medical professionals to cure my severe heal cracks nothing helped. Finally we decided to move to Homeopathy and we found it as miracle. Gauravi handled it very well. I was able to see difference in 2 weeks. It is now completely gone. I highly recommend Gauravi for any Homeopathy needs.

NImisha Prajapati

Cumming, GA 30040

If you are tired of taking prescribed drugs and are looking for a natural way to find and treat the root cause of your illness/pain  Gauravi Hiware is the person your are looking for. Her approach is very personal and you can tell she really cares about you. Taking a chance with homeopathic medicine gave me a chance to live drug-free!

Mira Sridhar

Cumming, GA 30040

  I got a fissure from a bout with hemorrhoids and  undergo the surgery couples of timesnow again suffering same issue. Then I meet Gauravi Effective Homeopathy  Now after 3 months  am not feeling the pain from the fissure and no bleeding and fissure is healing fast and better.  surely reffered Gauravi For those needing relief from a fissure, this is the cure you're looking for!

Copy Of -MR.Vasanth

Cumming, GA

   I wish I could give Dr. Gauravi 10 star review. She is an amazing homeopathic doctor. I have witnessed amazing improvements with my kids. Dr. Gauravi is very knowledgeable with great bed side manners. We never feel rushed and she takes all concerns seriously. I'm so glad we found her.

Z Adams

Cumming, GA

 Gauravi is an exceptional listener and invests a lot of time to understand the person as a whole. Only then she comes up with her diagnosis. On top of that, she makes sure about the progress due to the medicine via regular follow ups. Not only does she tell you what the medication is supposed to do but she also tells you the importance of it. I highly recommend her.

Manali Marathe

Cumming, GA

My daughter is struggling with psoriasis for around 4 yrs now. I have tried going to the dermatologist, Ayurvedic medication & many other things. But unfortunately nothing gave us the results or cured it fast. I met  Gauravi & my daughter is on her homeopathic medication for around 6 months now. And the skin patches have gotten really better & most of them have disappeared. Amazing results!! I am positive in just couple of more months all patches will clear. I would definitely recommend Gauravi to any one who is looking for a wonderful doctor who takes time to understand your issues & makes sure that her patient gets the best treatment & results. We are happy to have met her.

Sheetal Lohar

Cumming, GA

​I was taking consultation from  Gauravi for two of my illness and I had a very great experience. The best part was that she takes in-depth knowledge about you to find what medication suits you best. Her attention to all details is worth it and deals with so much care and compassion. We always had a family homeopathic doctor in India that we missed. Now worth Gauravi around it feels so safe in her hands. Thank-you so much!

Kiran Kulkarni

Marietta, Ga

To echo the other 5-star reviews, Gauravi have been extremely helpful to me and my family with a variety of our issues.I always feel like we get plenty of time to explain our issues without feeling rushed. Gauravi is an excellent homeopathist – concerned for her patient and knowledgeable of what works best. Many Thanks to Gauravi...

Jyoti and Santosh Kale

Alpharetta, GA

I am Gauravi's patients for last few months. I was having severe acidity problem and I took suggested homeopathy medication by Her. The diagnosis was correct and The medications helped me right away. I will definitely recommend her for any related complaints.

Rutuja Gawande

Cumming, GA

Gauravi is a Nice and treats everybody so gracefully that you will feel awesome as well as she talks in a gentle way which makes you happy and of a great person i have ever met in my life and she is really very good in dealing acute and chronic disease,I highly recommend her.

Abhishek H


Gauravi has been treating me for a chronic illness. I have been suffering from it since childhood but I am seeing improvements after I started with her treatment. She is very easy to speak with and knowledgeable. She heard my problems with complete patience and offered me her valuable advice. She regularly follows up with me on my health as well. She is AMAZING and I am very thankful that I met her.

Supriya D.

Cumming, GA

I am very thankful to have met Gauravi at a common friend's place. My daughter had a frequent tendency of getting cold, fewer & nose infections resulting in often bailing on school. After starting the treatment within few weeks, I have noticed considerable improvements in her health. Gauravi guided us very well through this course of treatment. As a homeopath practitioner she is always available and very proactive for answering questions and giving suggestions which are very helpful. Last but not least she is great with kids!

Roswell, GA

My family and I have been patients of Gauravi for about 6 years. Her patience and dedication to her clients is exceptional. She genuinely wants to help and won't stop until she achieves her result. She won't give up on you, even if you give up on yourself. If you are considering homeopathy, just consult with Gauravi today and let her guide you to the path of healing.


Cumming, GA

My work schedule keeps me traveling on a continuous basis which results in eating fast food on regular basis. I had been going on through a lot of digestion issues and troubles since past few months. A friend of mine referred me to Gauravi for the homeopathic treatment for my problems. She listened to my trouble patiently and took a detailed history. I must say that though I was a bit skeptical, I got immense relief in the first few weeks of the treatment itself. This encouraged me to continue the treatment for a couple of months. Now I am perfectly well and can eat normally without any trouble whatsoever and have no pain or vomiting. Thanks to homeopathy and thanks to Gauravi!

Samuel J.

Nashville, TN

I have been facing issues with my respiratory system for a long period of time. Used to take Ayurvedic treatment in Pune which was effective. For last couple of years it was once again troubling me a lot. Along with that due to my travel and work schedule, eating was always irregular and my digestion system was not in a good shape. I met Gauravi through a common friend and decided to give it a chance. She was very thorough in taking history and listening to the issue, going to the root cause. Right from the first week, I started seeing results. It's been almost 2 months now that I am taking her treatment and things are getting better and better. The biggest advantage as we all know, Homeopathy has long lasting results with no side effects. Gauravi is really a very caring person and of course knows her job very well. I would recommend Gauravi's homeopathic treatment if you are looking for lasting results with no side effects.


Duluth, GA

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